Monday, July 10, 2006

Some good resources

I've been busy planning what we'll do for grade one, and here are some good resources that I have found:

Noeo Science: We have bio 1, and I just finished looking through it last night. It seems to be a very good curriculum for early elementary. Daddy is going to do science saturdays with the kids and do all the experiments with them. I'll do the readings and narrations on the weekdays. The topics range from the human body to birds and butterflies, to microbes and bacteria. I like the fact that they stress using narrations with the children, and keeping a science notebook with drawings, experiement notes and charts, and narrations. It will be a fun addition to grade one.

Classical copywork: This is a free workbook for doing copywork with elementary kids (aimed at grades 2-5 but could work with 1-6 i'm sure. It's exerpts from classic children's books that the child would copy each day. The first 2 days from the workbook, and the 3rd day they write it from dictation, trying to get the correct spelling and punctuation etc... and there's room to illustrate it. Each week's selection is only one sentence long.

Living books: Living books are books that teach about something not in a dry textbooky style. They are written by author who are passionate about what they are writing about. They are often stories or biographies etc... This is a webpage with links to living books in various subjects. They make great supplements to a science or history curriculum that you are already following.. just get them out of the library.

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