Friday, July 14, 2006

What a week!!

Well We had a ery busy week here, looking after a very sweet little boy. Z loved having a friend to play with and we did lots of different activities !! With my budding first grader, we have been doing older activities this year, so it's been fun to have another preschooler in the house. We did all sort of fun games.

1) H is so proud of her new ability to climb onto chairs.... and she also tried her hand at climbing OUT of her crib. That little monkey sure keeps me busy.

2) We played outside almost every day with bubbles, the water table, the big toddler car. The kids also found a lady bug, some sunflower seeds, a rock, some dandelions, and many flies and birds.

3) We colored thomas the tank engine pictures, glued circles onto paper to make teddies, and drew pictures.

4) We ate home made macaroni and cheese, eggs on toast, cookies, crackers, grapes, kiwi, oranges, apples, bananas, chicken nuggets and drank lots of milk, juice and water.

5) We had a fun field trip to the midwives office, where we saw some horses and cows in the field, helped take mommy's blood pressure, and then went out for a special treat of mcDonald's for lunch.

6) We read lots of stories, and had wonderfully quiet naps each afternoon for an hour and a half. It's quite a schedulling masterpeice to get all four kids to nap at the same time :-)

7) We played silly games, like run away from the big frog (Z), play in a 'tent' in the living room made of sheets, Bob the Builder and the princesses going to the ball, good guys and bad guys in the toy castles, thomas and percy (the trains) crashing into everything imanginable, 'phoning' grandma, hiding from the scary toe-biting baby on the loose, and building big towers and roads with blocks.

8) Finally, today we made lots of messes when I dumped a bunch of flour into 3 cookie sheets for them to 'draw' in with their fingers. This was especially fun... and then they got to take turns using the vaccuum cleaner to clean it all up. After that, we made blue playdough which they played with for over and hour and a half!!

I'm truly amazed at the creativity and imagination of children when they aren't stuck in front of a tv all day!! They just have so much fun, and I find myself smiling and laughing all day at their anticts. It's such a privaledge to be able to spend so much time with these young people. Posted by Picasa

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Sharon said...

I want to come play at your house! It sounds like so much fun! :)
I love that draw in flour idea. I'll have to do that with my ds.

How are you feeling, btw? I haven't been by in a while. I hope everything is going well!