Thursday, July 27, 2006

This week

Reading/spelling: We've been playing games with our spelling words (pretend to be teacher, go-fish, memory, write a story)

History: We started with creation and moved to adam and eve. Now E is making a timeline page for her 'book of the centuries' on both of those. This year is all on ancient history, and it's jam-packed with lots of hands-on activities. I'll see if I can keep up with all the fun. Z is now drawing a picture of the sneaky snake who convinced eve to eat the apple. cute :-)

Science: A week about weather- We've learned about Cirrus, Stratus and Cumulus clouds, the sun, and why we have seasons. E drew some pages in her science notebook to illustrate it. She's excited to do science experiments on saturday with daddy.

Math: We read some story books about subtraction and addition, did puzzles, and played with her box of tangrams (shapes you have to fit together to make a picture). I still have to get her Math-u-see book.

Home Ec: The kids are doing really well with their new chores, and Z is learning to get dressed all by himself (if he could just figure out how to put his shoes on that would be great!!). They also had a lesson in midwifery care when we went to visit the midwife today and hear the baby's heartbeat.

Speaking of babies, two of my best friends both had babies this month!! Congrats to both of them :-)

As for mom, I've been having lots of fun playing with my new homeschool planning/record keeping program called Homeschool Tracker Plus. I love it!! It's fun to make schedules and report cards and run reports. It's very easy to use and I am happy I have my whole year planned out before the baby comes. yay!!

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Dana said...

Wow Mel, your blog is such an inspiration! I feel very lazy when I see how much you do. We were away the last week and off again this weekend (catching up on family time after too much work), so we'll try to get together soon.