Monday, July 10, 2006

summer time!

We've been so busy around here the last few weeks!!

Kindergarten is officially over... E did a great job of finishing up everything and is very excited about starting grade one. She wanted to start yesterday, but the teacher needs a holiday, so we're going to start back up after Vacation Bible School.,.. probably on the last week of July. I want to make sure I start early so we can take off 2 months when the new baby arrives.

We spent 3 days camping over the long weekend at a Catholic Family conference with some of our friends and had so much fun. The kids loved camping: marshmallows, tent trailer, fun food, playing with friends, running around outside all day etc... Mommy loved it more than being in a tent, but less than being at home where everything is child proofed and the little H can run wild without much supervision. phew! i'm tired after chasing her around all weekend.

Speaking of H, she's learned how to climb up on to the chairs at the kitchen table, climb into the dishwasher if it's open, climb up and down the stairs at ease, climb out the front door anytime it's open, and I'm hoping she hasn't learned how to climb out of her crib. She's a baby with a mission to conquer the world!!

This past week we vacationed at home. Daddy had the whole week off and we just cleaned, played outside, visited relatives, took naps, and savoured sleeping in. The kids were still on camping schedules (which means getting to bed at 10:30pm or so... and sleeping in at least until 7 or 730).

We also visited a good friend who just had a baby (congrats to Karin!!), and went to the science centre (waaaay too crowded).

This week we are babysitting one of our neighbors little boys (almost 3 yrs), and having lots of fun with him. So far today the kids have played trains, blocks, castle with bad guys and princesses, made a tent, had lunch, coloured and cut up paper, and did some puzzles. My, do they ever have a lot of energy at this age. It's a regular preschool around here this week :-)

Hope everyone is doing well in your little part of the world too!

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