Friday, September 01, 2006

Ziggurat anyone?

History time!! We've been learning about Abraham and Sarah from the Old Testament (the next major characters in history after Noah) this week. We learned that they were from the city of Ur which was in Mesopotamia or Sumeria. Ur had some of the world's first great architectural structures: Ziggurats.

So, being the fun mom that I am, we decided to make our own ziggurats, using boxes, paint and cornmeal for texture. Messy, yes.. but E thought it was so much fun to make it. She designed the stairs, and did most of the painting. I did the cleaning up afterwards.

Later, while we were in the creative messy mood, we also made some ants out of egg cartons.

Z helped us make both crafts, but kept getting their names mixed up, calling the Ziggurat an 'antenna'.

" mom, where's our big antenna that we made?"
"huh??... OH! the Ziggurat? It's over there"
"thanks mom!" (and he runs off with his hands full of dinosaurs to climb the ziggurat stairs and worship some idols).

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