Thursday, July 26, 2007

good bye old friend

You have been so good to us, little house.

We knew you before you were created.

We picked your colors, your patterns, your decorations.

We planted your grass, your flowers, your trees.

We built your fence, your gates, your garden.

We cleaned your floors, your bathrooms, your windows.... over and over.

We love you.

You gave us warmth, shelter, and comfort.

You were a nest to birth 4 children in.

You were our first school room.

You graciously hosted many Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter dinners.

You endured countless birthday parties with many many children running up and down your stairs.

You stood strong against children drawing on your walls and floors, and banging on your doors.

You loved us.

We will always remember you!

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Anonymous said...

It certainly was a beautiful home to a great family. You will miss her.

Ruth said...

Great post, beautiful house.

Grandmal Leslie said...

Beautiful post, Melanie. I will miss her too.

Grandma L said...

That was supposed to be
Grandma Leslie :>)

Columba said...

HEY! You're not supposed to make me cry at work!

Dana said...

okay, pass the tissue. AFter talking to you yesterday I thought about our own home and how difficult it would be to leave a place with so many memories. In 20 years you'll drive by your place and fondly recollect all that happened there in those early years.

aunt val said...

many, many happy, healthy years in your new home, Darling Blairs!

UltraCrepidarian said...

God bless you and your beautiful family!


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