Friday, July 13, 2007

hangman anyone?

Who says you can't play Hangman if you don't know how to spell, or read for that matter?

Here are E and Z playing Hangman, after their babysitter taught them this fun game. I was skeptical at first when they wanted to play it together after she left.

"But, E" I said, "Z doesn't know how to read. He doesn't even know all his letters yet!" (and you can't spell very many words either, I thought)

Silly me, why should they let that stop them?

Here's a game in full swing with both of them having a great time. The answer apparently is Toucan, but neither of them care if it's spelled wrong. How do they even know what a toucan is anyways??
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KC said...

That is so cute!!

Stacie said...

I agree with KC, that is just adorable!

david santos said...

Pretty work and pretty children, congratulations