Monday, July 09, 2007

learning the alphabet

I can hardly believe that my little baby boy has grown up into a bustling, curious four year old already. He is so smart, and full of questions all day long. He wants to know very specific things, like "what would happen if our house was a boat and we were playing cards on a table and there was a big wave that tipped our house sideways....?".

He likes to help daddy cut the lawn each week too. He follows him around with his little plastic mower and the look on his face is so proud. On friday, he told me, with a very grown-up look on his face, that "when I'm a grown-up like daddy, I can go to work too!" I guess it's time to teach him the alphabet and get a start on some of his very own schoolwork!!

We got him his very own binder, and he has started filling it with his own 'work'. He's done some coloring pages from the Catholic Mosaic coloring book, colored a map of canad for canada day, and started learning the alphabet from all the wonderful resources on line to print out.

For now, preschool will be very simple, and in the fall we'll try and add in some of the wonderful ideas that can be found over on the Real Learning blog by Elizabeth Foss.

This morning, we are all enjoying coloring these letters from Everything Preschool. They are big outlines of each letter of the alphabet, filled with pictures of plants and animals that start with that letter. Too bad they don't have a key telling us what the names are.

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Mary Ann said...

Thanks so much for the link to those coloring pages. I had been looking for something nicely done for this fall. My little guy will be three and I want to have something for him to do.

Anonymous said...

I agree with mary ann's comment. I printed out an "A" for us to experiment with. Thank you for all of the links and great posts.