Monday, July 23, 2007

letters to heaven

E came to me this afternoon with a letter that she had written for Jesus:

Dear Jesus, I love you and I love Mary. To Jesus, From E.

She cut it out in the shape of a crown, and decorated it. Then, she told me she was going to throw it up into the sky and let it float on the wind up to heaven for Jesus to have. She walked out the door, and tossed it up..

What faith, young children have. What lively, trusting, loving faith.

... it landed in a puddle, and she proceeded to pick it up, climb up high onto the gate and tossed it again. It still didn't catch the wind, and she looked a little sad, so I suggested maybe she try mailing it and she brightened right up.

She quickly ran to the mailbox and tossed her letter in, telling me that maybe Jesus would write her back.

Later on, after she was reflecting on it, she said to me " I hope the mailman is a Catholic, so he'll know to give it to Jesus!".

Now she is busy crafting up something else.. I heard mutterings of sending a daisy and letter to Mary, and I caught a drift of her taping it to a big balloon that can fly up to heaven. She also wants to know what the Ten Commandments are so she can draw up a big sign and post it on our wall so we know how to be good. Uh-oh, guess I better start behaving too ;-)

Now I know what Jesus meant when he said that we must become as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven. They truly know how to believe.Two most important commandments

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