Friday, January 04, 2008

Ancient egypt

We have been enjoying school work this week again after a 2 week break. It feels good to get back into some routines.

Yesterday we did:

Fast math (2min drill)
Math test chapter 6
2 more pages in her prayer book
2 stories read to me out of Little Angel reader
spelling: page two of unit 13

and we spent a good chunck of time on history:
we read:
Ms Frizzles' Egyptian adventures
Ancient Egypt voyage book
Old Testament Days

and we did some fun crafts:
an ancient egyptian paddle doll (pictures to come when I get new batteries) and
an ancient egyptian throwing stick

Today, we have accomplished our fair share of school work again:

math: fast math
Religion: chapter 6 in Faith and Life on the Holy Family, and a chapter in our other religion book on baptism.
Spelling: quiz on lesson 13
Grammar: abbreviations and titles of respect, review poem memorization

and we are doing history again today:

E just read to me a book about King Tut, and we are going to start on an Egypt lapbook, make a pyramid out of blocks, and maybe sew an egyptian head covering hat thingy. Pictures to follow soon. :-)

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