Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just Another Crafty Mom

Well since I've got bit by the crafting bug over christmas, I have decided to start up a new blog that can keep track of my crafting progress. It's called Another Crafty Mom. Feel free to go check out my work, but don't you all rush to buy my creations at the same time.. they aren't for sale :-)
Actually, I don't really have time for crafting anyways, but I do like to get a bit in now and then to keep me sane. One can only color so many coloring books, and make so many ancient egyptian creations without wanting to do some creative things of her own creation.
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Stacie said...

Wow! That felt picture is really great. You are very talented, crafty mom!

Melissa said...

Your crafts are great Mel!!! You did such a wonderful job on ALL of them. Love ya, M

Aunt Val said...

Harry is so cute! I am stunned at the change in him. Mighty piratey he is, matey!