Wednesday, January 02, 2008

back to work

Happy new years everyone!

We had a lovely christmas break, and I will try to write about it later, and I intend to get a post done about the best of 2007 (can you believe it's already gone by??), but for now I'm going to start trying to update our day to day homeschooling a bit more regularily.


Fast math (2 min math fact drill)

MUS review of skipcounting by 2, rounding, addition

Religion: First Holy Communion preparation- more pages for her home made prayer book, read a story out of devotional stories for little folks.

Grammar: Lesson 77 and 78 in First Language Lessons (working on abbreviations)

Spelling: Page one of lesson 13 (long O)

Reading: 2 page story read to me out of LIttle Angel reader D. learning -ph, -ng.

Later on today:

History... I am determined to get past Ancient Egypt this month :-) we've been doing it for a year now. It always seems to get pushed by the wayside. Poor pharoh!

Doctors... Pray we don't get any bugs at the drs office that require yet another dr's visit.

Right now:

The babies are making messes (think puzzle pieces all over the floor), the older 3 kids are fighting over cars, and I am going to get dressed soon. Then I"m going to clean up messes, make lunch, change diapers, put 3 kids down for a nap, plan supper, clean up kitchen from lunch and get ready to go to the doctors office.

Maybe later on, I will do some crafting. (More on this later... i have to show you my latest creative burst of activity over christmas).

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