Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ancient Egypt

we are just about done our unit on Ancient Egypt, and these are some of the crafts that we have done. We also made some Lego pyramids, but they were destroyed by some tomb robbers, so unfortunately, I can't show those to you.

This is an ancient Egyptian throwing stick. The young boys used them to practice hunting, and would throw them at small animals and play games by trying to knock down things they set up. It's painted like a serpent's head.

This is an Ancient Egyptian bed, complete with a headrest. They didn't have pillows, they slept with their heads on these 'headrests'. Doesn't look too comfortable to me.

These are our Ancient Egyptian Paddle dolls. They are made out of wood, and are painted. The hair has been tied onto a hole that I drilled with daddy's drill. (shhh! don't' tell him I'm teaching woodworking without him LOL). Z insisted that his boy doll was not supposed to wear a shirt, so he repainted the top of his skin color and gave him some nipples and a bellybutton. Very nice :-) I did the little one in the middle and E did the girl on the left.
Here they are sleeping on their beds.
I think we'll finish up the unit with a lapbook, and then move on across the Red Sea with Moses and the Israelite gang into Canaan.
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