Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dinner Table Math

Dinner table Math at our house:

E (7 year old): "What if we had 3 more kids? I've been praying and praying for triplets!!"

Z (5 years old): "No! What if we had 5 more kids, and then 3 more kids after??"

E: "wow! That would be.... ummm... 13 kids!!" She stops to think again, "I would be 11 years old when the last baby was born."

WHO IS TEACHING THESE KIDS MATH?? I think I need to have a chat with their teacher LOL.

Maybe we should stick to something a little less scary, like ancient history discussions. (we're currently reading a children's version of the Illiad where this prince goes and steals the wife of a Greek King and then a huge battle erupts).


Anonymous said...

actually E got the 13 kids correct-- you have 5 now and if you had 5 + 3 more as Z said that would be 13 kids.

Aunt Val

Anonymous said...

yes but - it's the accuracy that is scary when it pertains to 13 kids total! however, if anyone could have 13 perfect(ly amazing) kids it's mel and sean!