Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday!!

Can it truly be that two entire years have slipped through my fingers so quickly?  The adorable P and JP who stole our hearts from the beginning with their amazing entrance into the world are turning TWO today!

They add so much to our family, that it's very hard to imagine what life was like before they joined us.  

To their siblings, they have added an endless source of pleasure.  They literally fight over who gets to run to the crying baby's room after their nap and carry them downstairs.  The big kids love to read them stories, laugh hysterically at their antics, play chase, draw, and snuggle with them.  The twins have also given each of the bigger kids the chance to learn selflessness, waiting their turn for mommy, and compassion.  

For their mommy and daddy, we have been given the biggest treasure of all: the gift of love.  Love outpouring from their little hearts: their sticky fingers twirling my hair, their chubby fists entwined around my neck, their sloppy kisses planted on each cheek, their bright smiles early each morning.  And, by the grace of God, we have been given the gift of learning to love in return, even when we are stretched beyond what we thought possible.  Loving others as our single goal in life.  Learning to live love in every breath, day and night.  

What a beautiful journey it has been so far. I still shake my head in wonder at this precious gift we have been given.  It's the stuff of life that you normally read about in those chicken soup books, or a reader's digest.  It's amazing, but it's my life.  And, I love it.

Happy Birthday little Ones.

P, you are a delight to my heart. I pray that in every year you grow older, you never lose that joyful, mischievous twinkle in your eye.  You are curious, full of love, and the best hugger in the family.  Your mommy loves you more than you will ever know. You and your brother have taught me more lessons than many people have learned in their entire lives. Happy Birthday my little man. 

JP, your sweet smile and joyful laugh fill my heart with gladness.  Every morning when you wake me up so early, I love seeing your little arms reaching out to me from your crib.  Snuggling with your warm body in my arms gives me such a feeling of peace.  I can see your mind slowly taking everything in, evaluating what you see, and learning in front of my eyes.  You are a wonder! Thank you for all the fun you bring to our family... for playing so nicely with your brother and your other siblings.  We love you little one.  Happy Birthday!


Angel said...

Happy birthday, little guys! They sure are cute. (Do you know what I thought the most amazing picture was, though? The baby picture where they are both asleep at the same time!! LOL Congratulations on another year, Mom :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday boys!!!!

Love you lots,
Auntie Melissa and Uncle Jack

Anonymous said...

You're family can't get any cutter Mel!!!

Happy Birthday boys :o)