Tuesday, September 09, 2008

What's Smaller than a pygmy shrew?

A paramecium! And some bacteria.

We've started our science studies this year. We are looking forward to learning all about the tiny things around us through Chemistry.
I've chosen Noeo Science Chemistry 1 to use, since we enjoyed the Biology 1 last year so much. I like this curriculum because it doesn't use a textbook, it uses a literature guide for many varying books aobut science that are at a reading level that E can read. I like to read them outloud first, and she enjoys reading them at bed time. Even Z enjoys science. This is his drawing of what we learned: it's a drop of water with bacteria and protozoa in it.

His drawing skills have increase dramatically since last year. It's just such a joy to watch these tiny little humans grow and develop each day.

Speaking of Z, we have signed up with a homeschooling board here in my city that has a unique kindergarten program for homeschoolers. We will be going once a week for a K program where he can get a bit of socializing and fun in, and we will also have access to a bit of funding to buy some good kindergarten books with. I'm looking forward to seeing him grow more and more this year.
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Anonymous said...

That's quite the cute drawing, even if it is a paramecium!