Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Water babies

Do to the exceptional attention needed to take care of five kids while on vacation, I didn't take very many pictures of what we did... and sean didn't take any (so don't look for pics of me).

We did see the ocean, walk in the sand and laugh as the waves tickled our toes. We looked for seashells and beach glass, climbed on logs washed smooth by the water, and ran down the long beach.

We also played in every hotel swimming pool we visited. The babies getting more brave each time. They progressed from just looking at the water, to evntually letting daddy swim them along the pool chasing a ball.

These pictures are of the kids at a little lake in Deception Pass. It's right beside the ocean, but the water is shallow and there are no waves to worry about. I watched H and the twins play in the water, while Sean took the two older ones on a canoe ride.

Even though I was freezing cold sitting on the beach (the wind was chilly off the ocean), I had a great time watching the twins destroy sandcastles and splash in the water. Heather was so brave that she went in right up to her waist. (this is a girl who has never been swimming before!)

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