Friday, January 09, 2009

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We've had such a wonderfully restful and peace-giving holiday... I had such a lovely time with my family that I hardly gave even one thought to my neglected blog.  It was fun to spend time with real people, instead of just writing about them on my blog LOL.


Christmas eve was spent at mass (oh please can we go to midnight mass next year?? I really really want to try it one of these years).  Christmas morning was very fun with the kids this year.  Our little snapdragon (the three year old) was the most excited.  She has really blossomed over the past year into this delight-filled curious and lovable little girl.  She doesn't get into nearly as much trouble as she used to and is giddy with joy when anyone gives her a gift.  She was a treat to watch.  She also got all the coolest toys that were envied by everyone: a whoopee cushion, a beautiful singing barbie, princesses to dress up and many other fun things.  All five kids have taken to playing with her toys... and she is so happy to share with them.

Christmas morning was spent with sean's parents and brother for brunch, and the afternoon and evening were spent with my crazy side of the family.  Come bedtime, we were ready for sleep!


A gluten-free Christmas was much easier than I expected.  In fact, I hardly notice that we have a different diet anymore.  It's the same lesson in life I have been forced to learn over and over since the twins were born:  

Change your expectations about what 'perfect' is.... live each moment one at a time, and do not worry beyond that moment.


I've been reading a book by Matthew Kelly this past month for a book club that I joined and I'm finding so many truths in this book.  The book is called The Rhythm of Life.... and it has brought to my mind many ideas about how to find even more joy and peace in my life.  That sounds really cheesy, I know... but ... well I think it might be true. 

One of the things he speaks about is how our life is the culmination of all of our choices.  We chose to be exactly where we are by all the little choices we made along the way... and we shouldn't allow ourselves to become 'victims' and feel sorry for our self if we aren't happy with where we are. 

The key, is that to say YES to one thing, necessarily means that we say NO to others.... for me, this made me think of sleep.  I know that I need 8 hours of sleep to be a happy, well-functioning person full of energy and joy.  To say YES to sleep, means I need to say NO to staying up late.  

I can't stay up late and then feel sorry for myself the next day when life is dragging and I don't want to do any of the things I'm supposed to.  I chose it.  hmmm... lots to think on here.


On that note, I have also decided to say YES to homeschooling and being an AWESOME teacher and mother... which means I have to say NO to the computer and NO to lots of blog reading and gathering of very good and interesting ideas.  I simply can't do both in the ammounts that I would like.


Homeschooling has been going GREAT this last week. We took most of December off to focus on advent and getting ready in our hearts and our house for Christmas, and now we are back in the swing of things with an updated schedule, seating arrangement and fresh attitudes.  There is nothing like homeschooling through the dull grey winter days to teach you perseverance.


Here's your token Christmas photo:
From Christmas 2008
From Christmas 2008
From christmas 2008
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Stephanie said...

Hi, CatholicMom! I don't want to leave your comments section begging, so here I am to say hello!

Jessica said...

The choice thing is so very, very, very true. (And I think of it in relation to sleep too!) You can have many things, but you can't have them all at once. And whatever you do have, you only have because you chose not to have everything else.

And your Christmas picture is really cute. :)

And thank you for the prayers.