Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Of course...

Sitting at the supper table with the kids:

The preschooler H is sitting beside me:

Pointing to her shirt, she gushes, "Mommy, I love these princesses!  Which one is your favorite one? This one, or this one or this one?"

"hmmm," Trying to sound interested and enthused about this.... I've been immersed in Disney princesses for years now, it seems... "I like them all!  They are all my favorite sweetie!!"

"Me too!!" she is happy!

"Oh great! We are the same!!"

" NOOOOO Mom! We are NOT the same. You are wearing a green shirt, and I am not wearing a green shirt. I am wearing a princess shirt, " she is looking at me like I am so so stupid.  

Sometimes when she's talking to me, it feels like an adult looking down on me.  What a monkey!

This three and three-quarter year old is going on thrity-two and three-quarters.  I have got to get her trained up on how to cook and do laundry, because I can tell that what she puts her mind to, she will finish.  Now about  convincing her that it's her idea to do it....  

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Wee Pip said...

Awww, H sounds so grown up:)