Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not what I expected to see...

The office in our house, where the computer is tucked away, sits at the front of the house right beside the front door.  If the blinds are open, I can look out the window right beside me to a clear view of the front porch. I often enjoy looking at the birds hopping from branch to branch in our trees scolding me for not filling up our bird feeder.  Other times, I catch a glimpse of the mail man dropping treasures into my mailbox.  

Today, as I was reading gluten-free recipes and  thinking about all the cooking and baking I could do (it's always more fun to think about cooking mouth-watering meals than actually doing it), I was startled when I looked out the window and saw my little two year old JP walking down the front steps wearing his big sisters pink winter boots, holding a tennis ball in one hand and dragging a very large bigger-than-himself hockey stick behind him.  He had a very determined look on his face, and I jumped out of my chair to investigate where he was going and how he gained access to the outdoors without me.

Earlier in the day he had been playing ball hockey on the driveway with his dad and big brother, and I guess he enjoyed it so much he wanted to go play again without them.  He must have very purposefully found his brother's stick, a ball, and then found the nearest pair of winter boots before sorting out a way to get to the driveway.  

He had pulled a chair up to do the door, opened it, moved the chair away and ventured outside.

What will they think of next?  If his brother had been helping him, who knows what they could have gotten into.

Now they are safely in the backyard playing 'hockey' together.  Too bad I can't find my camera, because they are so cute :-)

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