Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Day 19- Further east to the maritimes!

A late night the evening before meant a slow start to day 19.  We were supposed to be driving further east to New Brunswick, and our friends were heading south to Boston, and neither of us was really motivated to press on.  For one thing, we didn’t have any campground lined up for the evening and as it was getting closer to the long weekend, things were booking up.  So far, we haven’t had any problems finding spaces, but I know Dana was up in the night worrying about where they were going to camp, and I was in denial.

The amazing pyrmid of boys

The boys had been bouncing on the big bouncy pillow while we were packing up, and they had organized an amazing acrobatic circus show for us to come up and watch. It was really good, though it wasn’t until after that I saw the sign about no flips!  After the circus show everyone wanted to go for a swim and even the dads got in the pool this time.  It was a beautiful, hot day and such a relaxing end to our time with our friends  I don’t think we got out of the KOA until well after lunch, and we had a long drive ahead of us – but at least we had a great morning, and could follow the progress of our friends on mommy’s phone as we headed our separate ways.

Great Travelling Friends!
As for us, we drove through some more of La Belle Province, and then crossed into New Brunswick (and yet another time zone change!).  We adjusted our destination because of the falling dusk, and were just about to the camp ground (so proud of ourselves for being somewhere before dark), when we made a wrong turn and ended up in a cemetery.  We were admiring the pretty statue and flowers in the turn-around loop when we heard this loud noise that sounded like we had run over a shopping cart… and then daddy loudly exclaiming…. And we stopped… because we had accidentally run over the little wall around the statue and popped a tire! The noise I heard was the air leaving the tire in a big gush!

Helping daddy
So there we were, in the middle of a little cemetery in a little town in New Brunswick with a flat tire. Luckily I have a very handy husband and he organized the kids into a workparty to rebuild the stone wall, and he settled down to changing the tire.  In no time, we were off again trying to find the missing campground.  What an adventure! 

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