Tuesday, September 22, 2015

House... Uhh... Van cleaning

Keeping the van clean is always a challenge on a long trip. Over the course of six weeks we have collected a lot of souvenirs, snacks, water bottles, and brochures. The van is a complete mess- and the kids are the worst culprits as they just throw everything on the floor. So I came up with a brilliant plan: a contest! We have three rows of kids and I announced that whoever had the cleanest row in 4 days would win a prize! This worked wonderfully for a few days. Everything was immaculate! Some people took it a little more serious than others so a few fights broke out over water bottles and crumbs but all in all it was a success. I woke up on weds morning (the end of the contest) to find everyone dressed and outside sweeping out their rows with the broom! 

Finding everyone's rows to be immaculate was a surprise but not unexpected. They were eagerly waiting for their treat of raspberry cordial. What was surprising was when I opened up the front door to sit down in my seat I was caught in an avalanche of bottles garbage books and paper. I guess I didn't win the contest :) but I think I know where all their garbage went. 

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