Saturday, September 19, 2015

DAY 22 - Beach Day

Today ended in an authentic beach day in a beautiful, sandy spot.  I think it was called Bayfield beach - it’s not far from Antigonish (where we stopped for a yummy treat of ice cream… what a pretty little city).  We wanted to dip our toes in the ocean and find some shells to take home. This beach did the trick! It was sandy, warm, and the tide was going out, revealing all sorts of treasures to pick up.  We stayed until the sun went down and reluctantly dragged our sandy selves back to the van to find our next campground in the dark (again). 

Sarah loved the water. She would walk right in up to her knees and then run back to the shore as a wave would come.  She was trying to throw all the rocks on the beach into the ocean one at a time.  The boys had a blast going out deeper into the water (it was nice and warm) and checking out all the hermit crabs.  There was more than a little bit of screaming and running away from them. As the sun started to go down, the color of the water changed slowly from deep blue to a yellowy green that glistened with the waves. It was so beautiful – I wanted to stay there forever. I couldn’t imagine a prettier place on earth and it was so enjoyable watching the children play.

Earlier in the day we had found a little church to go to mass (it was Sunday) and then drove to a local park to have a quick lunch before heading to the coast. Except for having to back out the entire drive into the park (a good 3  or 4 blocks), it was a lovely place to stop for lunch.  We must have looked pretty funny with me walking in front of the trailer making sure Sean didn’t bump into anything and Zach behind, waving the cars to go around us,  Sean was born to be a truck driver, I think. He is so confident with all of this driving.  I would have never made it out…. Can you call AMA to get someone to come and help you out of a parking lot LOL?

The pace of life in the maritimes is so peaceful and slow. We are really loving it and I could see us fitting in here pretty easy.  I'm not sure I'm going to want to leave this place.  The ice cream is yummy, people are friendly, scenery is beautiful and the air is clean.  We do miss our dry climate as the humidity is a bit much for us prairie folk, but the stress-free life is very alluring. Tomorrow we will head to an even less-populated area: Cape Breton. 

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