Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Day 20- Potatoes

Our mission today was to get to Nova Scotia… and to find a new tire for the trailer after our adventures the evening before.  The bustling metropolis of St. Jacques didn’t seem too promising, but when we stopped for gas, Sean stumbled upon a very nice mechanic who was able to drive to the next town and get a tire, fix the rim on the old wheel and get us all set for the rest of our trip…. And they only charged us pennies for the service. Lovin’ the maritimes!!

Onwards through New Brunswick!! A required stop was in Florenceville-Bristoll, which is the home of McCain foods. Our family eats a lot of their potatoes because they are gluten free, and just plain yummy. 
As you are entering the (small) town there is a big sign with French fries proclaiming that they are the ‘French Fry Capital of the world!’.  The Potato Museum was a fun stop, though not the best value for our money as far as museums go.  Our tummies were happy with the fresh fries and potato soup at the restaurant, however.  They even had a little set of Mr. and Mrs. Potato heads to play with at the kids table. 
The rest of the day was a lot of driving, gas stations and a little grocery store ‘date’ for mom and dad.  We pulled into our campground in Truro, just across the Nova Scotia border well after dark (again) and were glad to have the long drive into the Maritimes out of the way. 

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