Saturday, August 13, 2005

Getting Organized
Yesterday I bought a big zipped binder and some school supplies to get organized for starting to homeschool. Being the melancholic temperment that I am, I love to organize paper and schedules so this is fun for now :-)

Our first school supply shopping trip:
  • binder
  • dividers
  • loosleaf (wow it's still really cheap)
  • sparkly glue
  • new markers
  • composition books for elizabeth
  • thumb tacks to hang-up all of elizabeth's artwork
  • stickers
  • new pretty pencil elizabeth picked out
  • alphabet noodles for playing with

I'd still like to maybe get a little desk or table for her to work at so her legs don't fall asleep sitting up at the kitchen table.. but we'll see if I have room for more furniture here. I definately need more bookshelves to keep our growing library of books.

Now off to do more cleaning today. what a messy house! I have no idea how i'm going to keep it clean while i'm homeschooling in the fall and keeping up with my toddler and baby.

I had my dh rearrange all the furniture in the living room for me today, and he even moved the big piano. (good husband!!) Now there will be room for a little table for the kids to work at because they keep complaining their legs are falling asleep sitting up to the big kitchen table. Off to Ikea!!

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Melissa Stockes said...

I love getting organized and ready for school. Don't forget to get fun stickers!!!

Best of luck Mel!!! I know you and Elizabeth will enjoy the experience!!!

I'm so proud of you, and I can't believe how fast Elizabeth is growing up!!!

Love ya,