Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Second Day of School

Today we made butter just like Laura and Mary from Little House in the Big Woods... except it turns out mommy isn't as cool as 'ma', because when we tried to cook the grated carrot in the milk to make the butter yellow (don't ask, just read the book LOL), I forgot that we needed some sort of cheesecloth to sqeeze the yellow juice (ours looked distinctly orange to me) out. I tried to use paper towel but lets just say that we decided that white butter was ok for this time. :-) Then we wanted to pat the butter into a mold like 'Ma' did, but the only thing I could find was a sandbox toy shaped like a turtle... so we had white turtle butter, but the kids liked it anyway.

We just had a bit of time left to do a religion lesson and we learned the guardian angel prayer today and elizabeth drew a picture of herself and her guardian angel for me. I'm amazed how good she is at drawing. oh- and she surprised me... she already knew most of the guardian angel prayer already!! I guess she listened to CatChat enough to memorize it :-)

After dinner daddy did a math lesson with the kids and they had fun too, although it took about 10 minutes for elizabeth to write her name on the top of the paper.. good training for daddy!

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