Thursday, August 18, 2005

Peace and Quiet
Well, my two oldest are at grandma's house for the day, and I'm just enjoying the quiet of my clean house (we had company last night so it's still clean!!). I just ordered our Math program for next year.. my this is starting to get expensive. Good thing for government funding. I'm not sure how people can afford homeschooling in places where there is no government funding.

Good news! I found the writing program I wanted (Writing in Narrative A). The original publishers are no longer printing it, but there is a new company who is doing it now:
Christian Family Resources.

I have my first advisor telephone appointment on next Tuesday morning to go over my program guide and curriculum packet for the year. STAA seems like it's working out to be a good fit for us. I definitely need the structure.

Oh- and the picture is of my oldest who is now almost 5 years old. How fast time goes by!!! There is something so peaceful about a sleeping baby.


jeri said...

what could be more perfect that a beautiful sleeping baby

Barbara said...

I admire your commitment to homeschooling you children, Mel! Your family is beautiful. It's hard for me to believe that we went to your midwife when Elizabeth was only 18 weeks old and maternity clothes were still too big for you. The years pass quickly and now you have three! Have fun.

melanie said...

I know, i can't believe how fast they grow!!! It does seem like yesterday when I was just pregnant with number one. what calm peaceful days those were :-) so quiet and serene.

Life with three sure can get crazy can't it?

Don't you guys think that elizabeth looks like little heather?