Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Today, more of the same :-)

Math: learning how to write her numbers which she already knows most of. She had a hard time with number 3 and number 9 but can do them good now. We'll have to practice again tomorrow. She really likes to use the little chalkboard from the handwriting without tears curriculum. (which I still haven't gotten the books for yet.. They should be coming in the mail soon hopefully).

Language Arts: still working on 3 letter short vowel words, but she is definitely reading faster than she was a few months ago. It's not torture for me to sit and listen to her read a story anymore (most of the time LOL)... Still good fruit for offering up my prayers. We worked on Left-right again and she is better than me LOL, and we worked on the letter T.

starting: Courderoy. What a sweet story. I still remember my parents reading it to me as a little child. If you haven't read it lately, go get it out of the library like we did because it is so sweet. This one we definitely would love to have on our bookshelf. Now I want to find the next book in the series.

Religion: reading about Angels and talking about them. Elizabeth just loves angels (and what little kid wouldn't?) funny though.. Her favorite picture of angels is of St. Michael the archangel stabbing a devil with his sword and stepping on his chest LOL.


Dianne de Las Casas said...


Thank you for your comment on my blog, Story Connection. Your family looks so sweet. I applaud your homeschooling. Thank you for a glimpse into your world. I love the angel drawings! We too are Catholic and right now, with Hurricane Katrina, faith is all we have.

Dianne de Las Casas

wondering said...

Her favorite angle picture sounds like Pirates to me!!! Argggh!

wondering said...

Edit that comment to angel and not angle. I wish I could edit my comments after I sillily post them. LOL, Val

wondering said...

I, too, love the Courderoy books. I think we still have some upstairs somewhere. My library is here for the 3 Blairs when they visit.

Mom said...

Melanie you right about Elizabeth and Left and Right. If she is better than you she is definitely better than GRAMMA JERI, LOL.

Love Mom

Mom said...

Shee, I can't spell either. I meant, "You WRITE about Left and Right". Can't spell, Don't know left and right, Can't speak properly -- oh poor Elizabeth, hope she gets these skills from someone else than me.