Friday, August 26, 2005

My turn

Well all this homeschool on the brain has made me think I should start doing some reading and learning of my own :-) I guess that's a great side benefit to teaching your kids: you rediscover that love of learning.

One of my passions is reading good books and it seems like ever since I've had babies and toddlers in the house, I've had no time for my own reading time. I'm lucky if I have an uninterrupted 30 seconds to browse the subjects of my emails, so I'm always afraid to start a good novel. I have so many I want to read and re-read.

On the bulletin board for I have found a great discussion thread about Catholic book recommendations for grown-ups. (They also have great discussion areas for all sorts of other homeschool and catholic stuff)

I'm also inspired by this new series Loyola Classics: it's old catholic fiction that is being reprinted by Loyola press and looks like what I might be wanting.

I also want to read the rest of the books in his 'Children of the Last Days' series by Michael O'Brien.

For now, I'm enjoying reading 'Little House in the Big Woods' with the kids. Elizabeth has a paper doll set that goes with this book and is begging me to keep reading it to her every time I sit down.


Anonymous said...


are there any books that haven't been purchased on your wish list? I'd love to buy 2 or 3 for you guys, but don't want to get you ones that you already have...



melanie said...

hey jenny :-)

We don't have any of those books here... If i buy ones, i take them off my list. Some are grownup ones for me and most are kid ones for my sweeties.

Books are so great and they do make good presents for kids. I'm sure they would love it :-)

my little girl was sad to not see you when your parents came up. She sure loves you :-) come up and visit us anytime.