Friday, September 01, 2006

Another Art Lesson

After a week of crafts, I ran out of inspiring ideas to quench E's unstoppable thirst for creating... so I turned to her art curriculum for the next lesson... learning how artists use photographs for inspiration in their work. We studied a picture by Degas of a ballerina dancing. Apparently, he painted this picture from a photograph to help him capture movement, without the ballerina having to stand like that the whole time... (or at least that is how the grade one book explains it).

So we went hunting for some pictures of our own to paint from. We found a spider (from Grandma flash), and some animals from an animal fact book we have. She had lots of fun painting what she saw in the picture.

Later on, Z came down from his nap and drew his own version of a Zebra. It is just wonderful! One of the first times he has really drawn something recognizable on paper. We are so proud of him :-)

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Gramma Flash said...

Tell Elizabeth that I am sooo pleased that she used my photo as an inspiration for her great art work.

Also, tell Zach that he is getting to be a terrific artist as well. We love his zebras.