Monday, September 11, 2006

what's new here

Bunk Beds!! (camera is MIA so i'll post a picture later)

In anticipation of a new baby in the family, we've turned the kids beds into a bunkebed so their not-so-little-anymore sister can join them in their room... for those of you who know our little H, it's a scary idea putting her in a room to sleep where there is so much entertainment to be had. I'm not sure if we'll ever sleep again in this house, but I wasn't about to trust her alone with the baby in the baby's room... and there is NO way she's going to sleep in my bedroom.

The only problem with the bunkbeds is they have ladders... and ladders are just the funnest thing to play on if you are almost 18 months old and a monkey. Yeah, that's right!! I found her halfway up the ladder this morning.


We are now done weather and have moved on to microbes in science. This weekend E and her dad did an experiment growing bacteria and fungi. it's growing inside my book cupboard right now.. hope H doesn't get into it!!


E started her first day of choir today... she's really going to love it. More on this next week.

I"m off to bed... 33 weeks pregnant already!!

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