Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Grandmas are special

Yesterday we spent the morning over at my grandma's house. What a treat it is to be with her... she is full of knowledge, stories, smiles, treats, and good cooking. The kids love spending time with her. Even little H had a great time climbing into her lap, babbling to her about the toys she kept finding around the house.

Only a grandma has her house well stocked with toys decades after all her own children leave home.... and only a grandma has those toys from garage sales that kids love (and parents can't stand because they are so noisy and you just know exactly why they were in the garage sale in the first place). The favorite toys of this visit where the baby doll that talks and coos (very loudly) everytime there's a noise in the room (H loved this one), and the toy electric guitar that is straight out of the 80's that you can even hang around your neck and dance like a rock star.

We also got to hear stories of how Grandpa Pete built their house, and all the times he fell off the roof :-) , look at old pictures of everyone, and see her nice garden in the back... and we got to have lunch (she had some pizza in the freezer for any grandkids who might stop by), with a tasty dessert of fruit salad (E was so impressed we were having dessert with lunch).

When we left E told me that Grandmas are special (we talked about this when we were reading about St. Anne, the grandma of Jesus). She's right, I thought. Especially the ones who send you home with cookies, and home-grown cucumbers that are shaped like hearts when you slice them.


Aunt Val said...

Thanks Melanie for writing this. It made me cry. Remembering Dad building our house and all the amazing things he could do, and all the times he fell off the roof, and thinking of Mom and her garden and her special cucumbers. Reading this, it's like I am there. I am so glad that your wonderful children get to know her. I only wish Dad were there, too, as I know how thrilled he would have been to see them grow up.
I love you,
Aunt Val

melanie said...

Love you too val... I think the best gift in the world is a loving family. (no matter how far away they live)

We can't wait to see you guys again!