Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It seems like ages since I've had the time or energy to sit down and blog a bit about our life and our homeschool. My camera was mia for awhile too, so I didn't have any cute pictures to share.

I'm getting closer to the end of this pregnancy!! I can hardly wait to find out if we're having a little boy or a little girl. How exciting :-) The kids think it would be splendid to have a little boy, but I'm sure they would be delighted with a little sister. I can't believe E will be a whole six years older than this little one. What a treasure for her to have a baby around when she's old enough to really appreciate the sweetness. I know I always wanted my mom to have another baby when I was growing up. It seemed like it would be so much fun to have a little baby around to help take care of.

We're slowly getting everything ready for the little one.... firstly, we're trying to stuff E with lots of food so she'll grow to 40 lbs and move into a booster seat (finally!!) and then Z can have her carseat, H can have his, and the new baby can have hers. What a full van we will have with so many carseats stuffed into it! And the noise...I can already hear it in my head LOL.

There are so many other things I want to get done... wash the floors, clean the windows, clean out the fridge, wash the walls going up the stairs...all essential to a new baby LOL (guess I must be nesting?)

For homeschooling, we're winding down quite a bit here to give mommy more time to spend just having fun with the toddler, and the other two. I want to savour the last few months before the baby comes and needs a lot of my sleep and attention. We've been trying to go for nightly walks as a family, playing lots of games, reading lots and lots of stories, and going to the library.

We're keeping up with reading/spelling for now, because I don't want E to forget everything she's learned so far. She's doing great so far. Cursive is wonderful, and she's remembering her spelling words, and even using them on her own when she draws pictures. Today she drew a picture of her at the table doing school work with a cartoon text bubble saying "I em at home. I em doeng school". Cute. I just want to snuggle them all in my arms and have a nap :-)

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Cute, Cute, Very Cute!!!