Friday, December 08, 2006

fresh air and freedom!

So the babies are 11 weeks old already.... I can hardly believe it! The time has flown by so fast that I've barely had a chance to think about how much my life has changed. I missed the entire season of Autumn (not hard to do where I live since it comes and goes in about 2 weeks... the two weeks I was in the hospital with the boys).

However, since they have started sleeping more than 4 hours in a row at night, I have had a few more brain cells freed up to start thinking about other things than diapers, milk, and laundry, and I have realized that I haven't actually left my house and breathed fresh air in a very long time. Because I have three kids under 2 (not to mention the other two under 7), and because I only have two arms, I can't leave the house with the kids unless I have help. This has become very frustrating for me, to say the least, because my favorite stroller that I have used since H was a baby wasn't working with the babies.

Take for example, our experimental trip to the mall last week:

Picture the seven of us standing in line at A&W.

All the kids are starving because it's now almost 7pm and they haven't eaten anything since 2pm. The babies are stuffed into the bottom seat of the stroller (which, by the way, is designed to be perfectly comfortable for one baby who is sleeping, but apparently doesn't do the trick for two squirming awake babies), our toddler is strapped into the top seat of the stroller protesting her situation loudly by alternatingly yelling, and banging her boot-clad feet against the stroller while sucking her thumb, E is twirling like a ballerina through the line-up, oblivious to everyone trying to walk past her, and Z the preschooler informs us that he has to go pee... NOW. (did I mention that both babies were crying?)

So Sean takes Z to the bathroom with the toddler and leaves me with the two crying babies, the stroller, the diaper bag, Elizabeth, and the grumpy cashier at A&W who is trying to hand me my tray and get me out of the way so the next person in line can order.

All we could do was just laugh at the absurdity of our new life with 5 kids under 7, eat our food quickly while balancing the babies on our laps and keeping H from climbing out of her high chair. We tried looking in a few stores while we were there but that didn't last long with the chaos we carried along with us.

"If we don't get a better stroller, I am never leaving my house again with the kids", I said to my husband... and the chinook that rolled in yesterday, raising the outdoor temperature up to a beautiful afternoon that just begged for a walk, clinched it for me.

Being the wonderful husband that he is, that very day he came home with one. What a good man he is!!
Very fancy... the nicest (and most expensive) stroller I've ever seen!! Comes with it's own air pump for the tires, two zip off diaper bags, lots of cargo space, shocks, head huggers for the babies, a big fancy rain cover, and the best part of all: a toddler seat so I can push all three of my littlest littles around.
Doesn't she look like the queen riding up there so tall? The kids were very excited about going for a walk. We had lots of fun walking through the snow, and listening to birds chirp in the ravine.... I love having my freedom again!!

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Angel said...

That's an awesome stroller! I haven't seen one with a toddler seat like that before. We considered getting a triplet stroller, but... didn't. My then 2 yo probably wouldn't have stayed in it anyway. (In fact, I think you are VERY BRAVE for going to the A&W at 11 weeks! At 11 weeks, I was pretty sure we were never going to leave our house again. I had to make myself a rule that I would at least *go outside to get the mail* every day. LOL Also I am jealous that your 11 week olds sleep more than 4 hours in a row! Last night my 14 month olds didn't manage that -- ugh. It does help when you're able to sleep, doesn't it?)

BTW, thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I would appreciate the prayers! And of course I will pray for you, too

Melissa said...

You got your stroller!!! That's awesome!!! I'm very happy for you, and that you can finally leave your house!!!

aunt val said...

that is the coolest stroller I've ever seen!
I love the way the toddler seat is up high on the front so Heather has such a good view of everything--I wonder if it can sub for a high chair at a table if one isn't available.
Merry Christmas sweetie!!
love, Aunt Val

Stacie said...

What a great stroller, and what a beautiful family. I don't know how you manage getting out with so many! I think I should stop feeling so impressed with myself that I can manage the twins. :)