Sunday, December 31, 2006

Award-winning parenting moment #451

This morning, looking into the kitchen, my husband and I were treated with the sight of our not-yet-talking toddler standing on a stool, waving a knife longer than her arm over the top of the stove.

hmmm... better brush up on those parenting books. Note to self: don't let her out of my sight for more than .5 seconds again. (you think I would learn! Wonder what she was trying to cook... she seems to like the culinary arts).

Oh, and she can open doors now. I spent the better part of friday picking locks on the bathroom doors trying to get her out after she had opened the door, gone inside and promptly locked the knob (three times!)

1 comment:

aunt val said...

You have my sympathy
as for the knife thing
I'm sure she's not a psychopath