Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

We wish you all a blessed Christmas!!

Here are some pictures of our christmas eve, and christmas morning... you can click on the album below to view all of them... watch the slideshow of them for the best viewing.
We spent the evening at sean's parent's house, enjoying delicious food and joyful family time including christmas crakers, bread pudding, and presents. Then we went to a lovely evening mass together. (although7pm must be just about the worst time to take 5 sleepy kids to church, they behaved very well! At one point we had five out of the six adults in our group holding kids... what a sight we were!)

Little H wasn't feeling well, so we all got to snuggle her lots (which doesn't normally happen)... but this morning she is her chipper self again, stealing candy and toys from her brother, and rolling her eyes at daddy.

E decided that we should write a letter to baby Jesus so st. nicholas could bring it to him in heaven, so mommy and her left notes on the table. In the morning, we were excited to find a note that st. nick left for us, along with lots of goodies in our stockings.

The children woke us up sometime around 7am and we tried to get some cute group pictures before stockings... right. We'll try again later.

The rest of the morning was spent opening presents, playing, and eating a lovely breakfast prepared by daddy. later on today we will bundle up and go over to my parents house for another nice dinner and more presents with my family.

I just love christmas!!

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