Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Feast of Saint Nicholas

The children woke up this morning with great excitment and ran downstairs to find that their shoes (which they had left out the night before) were filled with chocolate coins, cookies and oranges. Saint Nicholas has been here!!

He also left them a present (the wise men Playmobile set), a book, and a short letter telling them about the good things they have done this year, and reminding them to work on some of their vices for the next year.

This is one of our favorite feast days of the year because it's far enough away from the hustle and bustle of christmas that we aren't exhausted with all the preparations, and the kids get just as excited.

Right now the babies are still sleeping, and the rest of the family is finishing up a nice breakfast. We are lucky that daddy is working from home so he can enjoy the morning with us.

For some great ideas for activities to do today check out the St. Nicholas Center online. There are storybooks online about him, online games to play, and even a short cartoon movie for the kids to watch.

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Lisbet said...

How lovely! I love these pictures, it all looks so familiar. What a joyful household you have.