Thursday, December 28, 2006

Our blessings - 2006 edition in photos

Blessings abound wherever you look. Here are some of ours from this year:

Mommy and Daddy:
Turned THIRTY!!
Pregnant AGAIN
Married seven years
Bought a tent trailer

featured at art show
turned six
Learned cursive, addition, subtraction
learning how to read
flower girl at grandma and grandpa's marriage blessing

turned three
learned to swim
learned to ride a tricycle

turned one
first solids
learned to walk
learned to climb

JP and P:
born at home by daddy
front cover of newspaper!
first christmas


Angel said...

What a beautiful slideshow! My kids really liked watching it, too. :-) And your twins were so tiny!!!! My husband and I were getting a little teary-eyed, seeing your little guys and remembering when ours were that new.

Alice Gunther said...

God bless your beautiful family!

Barbara said...

What a lovely year in pictures! The kids are so sweet! It's wonderful to keep up with you via your blog. We think of you so often and send love and prayers!

Barb and Dave