Friday, January 05, 2007

Back to school with... insects!

A new year and a fresh start to school. We started on thursday, and for this week we have learned lots about insects, making a craft about bees and their hives from this book which is part of a great series of science and nature craft books.
The hive is made out of six paper hexagons that we cut out of cardstock, folded into shape, painted, and then glued together. I used the template from here, but next time I would try to get a smaller, deeper hexagon to make it more realistic.
This is Z's bee.. he drew it, cut it, and painted it himself!!
We have also done two lessons in spelling, started to learn our 8 facts in addition, and read many many stories.
It feels good to be doing regular work again. When the babies were first born it seemed like it would take at least a year to get started, but here we are at 14 weeks and we're doing great! Of course, my expectations of what makes for a good school day have been significantly lowered since then, but hey, we're learning and we're having fun!
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Meredith from Merchant Ships said...

My little one will LOVE this project--thanks for the link!

Found your blog through Real Learning ring and will be back : )