Monday, January 22, 2007

Twenty Questions

One evening it was far too early for bedtime, the kids had far too much energy to let them run around the house unsupervised, and mom and dad were far too tired to do anything besides sit on the couch, so we began a game of twenty questions.

Try playing it sometime with a handful of children all under the age of reason.

First it was mommy's turn to think of something: (a fork)
E asks the first question, setting the tone for the whole game, "ummmm is it a mouse?"

"No, don't guess what it is, ask about it!", explains mommy, thinking maybe this game is too old for her.

"Ok," she says, "Is it alive?"


"Does it have feet?"

Mommy shakes her head with exasperation, "It's not ALIVE!"

"oh right!" E says, " is it a cat?"

Later (much later) it was E's turn to think of something:

"Ok, I'm ready", she proudly proclaims.

Mommy guess first. " Is it a person?"


"Is it a thing?", daddy asks.


"Is it bigger than you?", asks mommy.

E looks over a the front door, and sizing it up says "ummm.. yes!"

"Is it the front door?" mommy asks with a smile.

"YES!!" she says very excited that mommy guessed it so fast.

"you're cheating!!" daddy exclaims. (he was just jealous he didn't get it sooner).


Z was the funniest by far, however. On his turn he thought for a whole 3 seconds before he picked his and then before anyone had a chance to guess he began with:

"Ask me if I'm thinking of a train"

Totally thrown off by this start, we burst into laughter and had nothing to do but ask him.
"Is it a train?"


More hilarious laughter from the adults.

Then mommy had a stroke of genius and remembered the book that he was reading all afternoon, and asked "Is it a helicopter?"


Do I know my kids or what?

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