Wednesday, January 03, 2007

copycat brother

Z loves to copy his sister. A good chunk of his creative play involves following what she does, immitating her voices, singing her songs. Today they were playing knights and princesses:

"Where's my princess?", the king bellows.

A sweet voice calls out from behind the chair, "I'm over here! I was just getting my crown and my earrings".

"Where are MY earrings?" The knight says, in an equally sweet, high voice as he runs over to the princess.

Laughing, the princess tells him " YOU don't wear earrings!", and the play dissolves into silliness with lots of giggles and silly faces.

I'm sure things will change when the twin boys grow up and start playing with Z. Posted by Picasa

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aunt val said...

I hope they don't change that much! this is too cute!