Monday, January 22, 2007

More twenty questions

You would only ever get this as a present from one homeschooler to another...

First question should always be, "is it alive?"


2. Is it bigger than my toddler?

Thank goodness, no.

3. Is it smaller than a crayon?

Unfortunatley, yes.

4. Does it crawl around?

yes.... ewww!

5. Does it have 6 legs?


5. Three body parts?


6. does it have wings?


7. Does it look like a stick, grow bigger every day eating the scraps of lettuce you keep feeding it, and look so sad in the tiny little jam jar you have it in?

I wonder if the humane society has any rules about insects? stay tuned for more adventures with our new colony of stick bugs. What am I supposed to do with these guys?

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Carey Clark said...

Hello. I found you through a google search from a previous post about "no TV in the house." I am writing an article about Canadian families who turned off their TVs for good. Would you contact me through my website if you'd be interested in being interviewed? (Anyone else TV-less reading this, too, for that matter.) Thanks! Great blog.