Monday, March 19, 2007


I'm so brilliant at coming up with titles for my blog posts. Maybe I'll get hired by the newspaper. Of course, I'll have to tell them I am FAR too busy to work for them. For one, I have this blog to keep up with.

Today's artwork is brought to us by my 3 1/2 year old boy Z. He is very determined to draw with the pencil gripped in his fist like a drumstick. Maybe daddy has been giving him writing lessons at night while we are sleeping?

Anyways, according to our little artist, this charming picture is of "a caterpillar who ate lots of bees, and then someone thought he was a pretty insect so they drew happy faces on it". I love his descriptions of the artwork that he draws. My all time favorite has to be the mothers day card he gave me last year with some scribbles on it. When I asked him what the picture was, he said very matter-of-factly that it was "a man with his head broke off".
Being the second child in the family, he isn't constantly managed and fretted over like his elder sister. Mommy hasn't been trying to teach him how to read at age 3, worrying why he can't add at age 2, and obsessing over how well he is growing, talking, eating, programming computers etc... In a word, it's quite peacefull watching him grow and mature. I have the benefit of knowing that each difficulty and bump is just a phase, and since he has such a gentle, easy temperment, even the bumps aren't that big.
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aunt val said...

tell Z that I love his picture of the caterpillar and I especially like the story that goes with it. he is very imaginative and quite a good story teller. when we went to the Glenbow and were waiting for the lights to display on the giant icicle (that's what Z called it) I told a story and then Z told a story and it was very good. he is such a dear as all of the little Blairs are.

jen said...

you guys are SUCH fantastic parents! you are such a spectacular mom, mel!!! xoxoxoxooxoxxox