Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring, you silly tease you!!

Where I live, Spring always flirts with us for a few months, slowly courting with us a deep desire of warm weather and anything green. In my city, people often don't feel safe planting anything in their gardens until the last week of May; and even then we are sometimes surprised by a big snowstorm and frost that kills off the delicate new growth.

These pictures were taken last week when we went for a lovely walk along the river with my parents, and my grandma. It was the warmest it had been in months, and we were treated to beautiful sunshine, pussy willows emerging from their winter slumber, and the river, running with it's new spring legs chasing it's blocks of ice away.

My dad brought birdseed along, and the kids enjoyed watching how tame the chickadees were. With enough patience, they would land on your hand and eat the birdseed right off of it. Z was the brave one of the day and patiently waited and waited until the right moment. What fun for a little boy!!

The other beautiful sight that day was two mallard ducks in the creek. E proudly told us about their colors and who was the mommy and who was the daddy. H the toddler spent the first half of the walk sleeping in the stroller, and the second half eating the cookies that grandma sonia always has to offer the grandkids.

I love these opportunities that homeschooling affords us. What a treat to spend a nice day outside with 4 generations in the family together. Fresh air, cookies, nature, family, and sunshine. What else could anyone want? (except maybe a nice quiet nap... but I digress).Good thing we took the time to go out that day, because that evening another snow storm rolled into town and we were back to winter again. Oh spring, don't be such a tease!

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Diva-Maria said...

You should get into book writing. What a beautiful description of a wonderful day!!!!

Aunt Val said...

I am so impressed with your writing Mel. You are talented.
l, av