Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And another decade zooms by

What is going on? I just got married (TEN years ago though it seems like yesterday, really), and now I have SIX kids!!

Aren't they the sweetest ever? Not the best shot, but I was trying to do it after xmas eve mass with 6 tired, hungry kids (and their dad wasn't helping me as he was busy setting up the sound equipment for the next mass).

What's new this year:

-fresh into week 15 of school, we are starting an Olympic study.

- Wii!! We got one for xmas and have been using it quite a bit for family fun times.

- Fooseball: another xmas gift that will be used many times over.

and many more things, which I will try hard to update as the days go by. It's so hard to find blogging time now with so many little ones around.

Samuel is such a sweet baby though... he goes to bed at 8pm and gets up at 6:00.. then goes back to sleep for another 3 hours. I never believed babies could really do this!! Figures it would be my SIXTH child that would actually start sleeping through the night before he was 18months old LOL. God knows what I need :-)

Sam smiles a lot, and is the most talkative baby that we have had. He has very animated conversations with anyone who will hold eye contact with him. I'm not quite sure what he's trying to say, but it's certain we will find out soon. At this rate, he'll zoom past the twins in language skills before he's 3.

Speaking of the twins.. they are growing so much now, and are still as crazy as ever. I'll tell you about it someday when I have time :-)

first.. I need to get this annoying strep throat out of my house !!!
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Angel said...

Wow. I wonder where I can pick up one of those babies who sleeps? LOL

Happy New Year!

Angel said...

Oh, and I hope you guys feel better! Strep - ugh.

Anonymous said...

Take care Melanie, it sure is draining on you as a mother when there is illness through the house.

Another decade....time does fly by.

I thought your picture was pretty good! It's near impossible to have everyone smile and look AT the camera.

You have some great ideas for Olympic learning activities. Thanks for sparking some thoughts for me!

Tina Marie said...

Sorry to hear that Strep is going through your house, but very happy to hear that your baby is such a great sleeper. I have yet to be blessed with such a great sleeper. Maybe by baby number six... Take care and get better. Hugs and prayers.