Friday, January 22, 2010

What would you want on your face?

This Christmas, the kids were very happy their daddy works for Shaw.
The children's Christmas party was quite the celebration, and they will remember it all year, I'm sure.

The favorite part of the day (not including the BIG presents they each got to take home -- even one for little Samuel), was the face-painting station.
They had professional face-painters working in various stations throughout the party, and they did an amazing job!

E wanted a butterfly and was transformed into a real beauty. The nice lady told me she always did the best job on the last kids in line because they had waited so long. E was very sorry to have to wipe it off her face at bedtime.

Little H wanted, of all things, a Christmas tree with presents under it :-) . You can really tell that my kids don't watch a lot of television. All the other kids in the place wanted to be various versions of tv characters and movie stars. Not my kids! Their creativity is always sparkling around them and making others smile.

Z was the best of them all. He told the lady that he wanted to be an astronaut. She had been painting batman all day, and couldn't figure out how to get him to look like an astronaut with facepaint, so she asked him what else he liked (hoping, i'm sure, for the easy predictable answers she usually got like pirate or puppy. He thought about it for a second, and then happily said "I want to be a mechanic when I grow up!" (his uncle is a mechanic and Z wants to be just like him).

Short of putting some black grease smudges on his cheecks, she was still at a loss (poor lady). Finally she asked him if he might like to be a robot, and he was ok with that. Doesn't he look cute as the tin man?
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