Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Going for the gold....

To avoid some of that post-christmas burn-out, I have decided to spice up our homeschool a bit with a fun unit study on the olympics.

I started with two very cheap resources from, and some other free resources, and we are on the way to a fun 2 weeks of olympic learning!!


I like the lapbook template that comes with this unit. It cost me around $5 cdn, and now we're all set to make a big lapbook with little preparation on my part, besides buying the materials.

I chose this one because it has a 13 day schedule, all planned out with different things to learn about each day, and many suggestions for websites, movies and books.

This website is a fabulous resource for free curriculum, information, stories and ideas for learning about the 2010 olympics. We are going to use their 'Paint the Twon Red' pack which includes a great bullentin board set-up for keeping track of the medals won, the events that are running and our favorite atheletes for each day.

We will also wander over to the Playgoround: games, videos, stories... all for kids

There is so much on this website that we haven't touched yet, but so far we are using:

In fact, we had so much fun with the mascots, that elizabeth decided to design her very own mascots for the olympic games:

Super Blue is a bluebird

Sady is a Seal.

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Tina Marie said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe I will look into doing this unit study too. My kids would like it a lot, I am sure.