Friday, January 29, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday

1. I haven't tackled the 7 quick takes for many moths... blogging has been sparse the past year. I love my blog -- I love keeping a record of family life, homeschooling and my ever changing thoughts of the world, but I go through phases where I just don't have it in me to write.

2. I think it's because I struggle with fatigue off and on.  Who doesn't, these days?  However, I do go through times where even walking up the stairs makes me weary.  Over the years i have learned to be more gentle with myself and I try to remember that it is usally just a phase and I WILL feel better again in a little while, and be able to get back into my routines and plans.

3. I'm a pretty good place right now. My thyroid levels are relatively stable, my iron levels are normal,  my baby sleeps 10-12 hours at night (unheard of in a Blair baby), and thanks to my new Wii Fit Plus :-) I have been getting in a little bit of exercise each day.  (and I'm on week 2 of the 100pushup challenge).

4.  We're still doing the Olympics unit study. This week we made a really big bulletin board display in the basement beside our TV. On it, we have:
  • A map of Canada showing where Vancouver is
  • A map of the world, so we can see where each country is
  • A chart of each country participating and their flags.
  • Pictures of the mascots 
  • A chart to track the medals won each day
  • A schedule of the daily events so we can decide what to watch on tv
5. We're thinking of getting cable for the olympics so we can watch the events without 'snow' all over the screen.   Sean would also like to be able to watch the soccer World Cup too.  I suppose it wouldn't seem THAT strange for someone who works for a cable company to have cable.  However, we've been without television (except the odd kids CBC morning) for so many years, that I'm not sure I want to have it.  Besides maybe the food network, what on earth is good about TV?

6.  A special friend of mine is pregnant!! I don't think she's telling the whole world yet, so I can't tell either, but I'm just beyond excited for her!!!  Too bad she doesn't live in Calgary. I'll have to start knitting some cute things right away.

7. Speaking of knitting, and crafting in general... I'm going to go find something crafty to do today.  I need a good dose of creativity to keep me smiling and cheerful.  I still haven't finished anything handmade for my very first nephew (poor Lukas! your aunty is hopelessly slow at finishing things).

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