Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Higher Education?

After leaving the Olympic Torch relay, we drive by the local University (my alma mater).

"Hey guys! Look!! That's the university!" I proudly exclaim.

"What's a University?" they ask, looking out the windows of our big 12 passenger van, not  too interested.

"Well, it's the school you can go to, if you want, after you are all done high school!". I'm using my 'this-is-something-really-fun' voice.  You know, the kind when you are describing what supper is going to be when trying out a new dish on the kids.

"Oh, I don't want to go to university!!" my oldest two whine.  (Why oh WHY would we want to do more school when we were supposed to be finished with it in grade 12?)

Being the good mother that I am, I quickly launch into the obligatory parental lecture on the value of a good education in life, and how it will lead them to better jobs so they can take care of their families and become whatever amazing things they want to become: astronaut, engineer, teacher, musician, artist....

 I lose them.  (of course).  They aren't buying it.

But then I know just what to say:  the secret weapon...

"But guys... there's a McDonald's*  there!"

Well you should have heard the excitement in the van! Even the 3 year olds wanted to go.... and I didn't even tell them about the Dairy Queen and the vending machines with bubble gum.  

 *(ok, it's an A&W but it's the french fries that are the important part when you're a kid)


Wee Pip said...

LOL! My kids would give a similar response:)

Anonymous said...

Rob and I LOVE this. You are just too funny!
Love, Aunt Val