Thursday, September 01, 2005

We are praying for you, New Orleans

Because, as many of you know, we don't have television at our house, and we rarely listen to the radio, my children have been blissfully ignorant of all of the crazy world events that have been happening since they were born.

Elizabeth was just a wee baby when 9/11 happened so she was sheltered from that already, and we decided to also shelter her from all of the plane crashes, terrorist bombs, flooding, hurricanes and the tsunami in the past year. It has been easy, especially because we have no television for her to catch glimpses of the never-ending news pictures that they show all day.

Now, reading all of the news of the devastation in New Orleans, my heart just goes out to all of those families who have little ones. I read about families with little children the same age as my own, and realize that they are definately not sheltered from this crazy world...they are living in the midst of it, many homeless and probably very scared.

I was reading many of the news reports online and also some blogs that are covering the story of the hurricane. Diane de Las Casas from New Orleans, a storyteller with some great looking cds on her website is telling her story of this tradgedy on her blog, and of her own little children who are wondering when they are going to go home. (will they even have a house left to go to?).

I am thinking now that maybe I should be telling my kids about some of the sad things that happen in the world so that they can pray for them. It seems like the thoughtful and heartfelt prayer of a child must be worth far more than the prayers of us grownups who sometimes have a hard time believing. Just looking at Elizabeth's adorable drawings of her guardian angel, and looking at her sweet faith when we leave church and she waves good-bye to Jesus in the tabernacle uplifts my faith.

We are praying for you, New Orleans! May God be with you all.

p.s. the holy card is from a great website I found called Holy I love it!!


wondering said...

How beautifully and sensitively written, Mel. Your children are very lucky to have you as Mom.

Becca Vennie said...

You are so lucky to have beautiful children who are so blissfully innocent. There has to be a happy medium for children... somewhere between afraid and aware. I pray that Jesus gives you the insight you need to give them eyes to see the world as He does.

Aunt Val said...

Melanie, you were born to be a blogster!

melanie said...

LOL Thanks val :-)